Iggle Bugs 365 Photo Challenge

In the spirit of the new year and blogging more (and my usual desire to just dive into things) I have plunged into a new photo challenge.  I know I always dive into these things with great enthusiasm and then it kind of peters out.   This time though it's a little easier, a photo a day all year.  That's roughly about what I take anyways, between pictures of the kids and random things that grasp my attention.  This will just be a little more focused. 

I'm going to be smart this time though, I am not going to attempt to post my pictures every day.  That's where I usually get all caught up in the forgetting and get behind and get frustrated and then stop doing the thing.  As the themes are going to be posted at the beginning of the week I will take my pictures every day and do a wrap up post at the end of the week.

So these are this weeks themes:

I don't know how I feel about that first one...me and taking my own picture doesn't always work out.  But since I am not trying to post every day I will be using my camera for most of these so it should be okay?  I'm not promising anything. 

So anyway, that's what's happen so far in the new year for the blog.  I'm excited, how about you?


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