Ace's Ninth Birthday

Every year that my son gets older I feel differently, but this year hits me hard.  It marks his last year in single digits, a sign that he is really beginning to grow up.  That's hard for me because I would like very much to keep him little forever, and not just because of the fact that each year older for him means another year older for me.

With as fast as it seems as kids are growing up these days it feels that this year is the last year he will really be a little boy.  Then we enter the murky waters of preteenhood and all the problems that my bring.  (and we have already had our fair share)

I remember when he was first born, tiny and sweet smelling.  His scrunched up little face and so much hair.  Such a happy, calm little baby he was. 

Now he is growing into a boy I am proud of thought, kind and well mannered.  Even if he is a little Minecraft obsessed. 

I look forward to spending the next year with him seeing the person the he is growing into. 


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