Procrastination...The Greatest Teacher

So yesterday rather than doing the productive thing I was hoping to be doing while I was listening to the phone drone on in my ear at work.  (work on my NaNoWrMo of course) I decided to pull out a sheet of stationary and doodle on the back of it. 

This happened because one of my super awesome pen pals is forever sending me letters with all these lovely drawings and I feel bad.  I mean all she gets from me is plain boring old stationary.  Maybe some stickers if I am not writing on the fly, which sadly I usually am. 

I am actually quite proud of how they came out.  I mean not only can you tell what they are, they are actually quite cute.  Except the cat, that just looks kind of evil, which I suppose cats are prone to doing.


  1. Cute doodles! I'd say that cat looks more sneaky than evil. (Although I guess that's one-in-the-same a lot of the time!)


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