Hammer Town Comic Con

As said I did make it out to Hamilton for Hammer Town Comic Con on October 5.  In the end it was a bit iffy if I was going to get out there or not as Ace bailed on me last minute but the friend I was originally supposed to go with decided they could make it after all and off we went. 

Unlike Fan Expo I was feeling in good health and with a grown up so I did get some good shots of my Fluttershy cosplay as promised.  For a first year con Hamilton was pretty fantastic, a great crowd, a lot of excellent cosplayers and some pretty cool stuff to see.  We went to a panel on Canadian comics and learned a lot of really interesting stuff.  

I will say one thing though...walking around Hamilton dressed like a pony, not as easy as doing it in Toronto. You kind of feel like everyone is staring at you.  And I heard a lady tell her daughter I was a cat...so then of course I felt self conscious about my ears for the rest of the day. 

My favorite picture of the day was taken by Cosplayers Canada and can be found here.  The best cosplay I found, other than of course my partner in crime for the day, who did a fantastic Wolverine but alas does not like having his photo taken.  Was this Ironman:

All said and done it was a fantastic day and a great way to start winding down the con season.  I look forward to Reverse Polarity in a few weeks and then some nice quiet time to start working on next year's costumes. 


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