When Boredom Strikes

There are days at work when it is so slow we are pretty much watching the paint dry.  They say with seniority comes privilege, in some fields of work that is not true, mine happens to be one of them.  So usually when things get to this ultra level of tedious I am the one here, idly doing my routine work without the occasional in flesh person to break up the hours. 

Ok, so maybe it was only an hour today but it felt like just slightly longer than forever.  And when you are calling people and no one answers the phone work that would usually take you two hours to do only takes half an hour and the day feels longer. 

To keep my mind occupied while I listen to the endless drone.of unanswered phones I like to doodle.  I find it very therapeutic and I would like to think my artistic skills are improving.

I mean you can totally tell what this one is right? 

Do you get mind numbingly bored at work?  What do you do to combat it?


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