The To Do List

I am not usually a list maker, I am one of those people who is convinced that I will remember the important things and if I don't remember it it probably wasn't that important.  A theory that usually works for me.  Every now and again though life gets so busy and stressful that I would forget to put on my glasses in the morning if I didn't trip over my feet getting out of bed. 

This summer with the kids scheduled to do so much stuff separately, the things involved with that, our mini vacation, Caribana, and Fan Expo.  Plus the course I am taking, Cat starting school in September and oh yeah the things I have to do anyways I have things slipping my mind all over the place. 

There's permission slips for every second thing the have to do at camp, things to get together for various trips they are taking, notes to be signed by doctors etc.  How does mom keep it straight?  A to do list that's how!

But to tell you the truth, to do lists bore me to tears.  I have tried reward systems and stickers ( because I love stickers) and I just can't stay motivated to keep one and stay on track. 

I was joking around with a friend about how long my to do list was for this week (which is a short one thanks to the holiday) and he ask if spending time with him was on it.  I laughed but it got me thinking, why isn't down time on my to do list?  That's an excellent motivation.  After all, I am going to do it anyway.

If I am going to start making daily to do lists in an attempt to get more accomplished, why not throw things in there that I know I am going to so I feel like I am getting more done?  My workouts?  My doctor's appointments?  Going to the post office?  (okay that last one I do need to put on there because sometimes I forget and carry stuff around an extra day)

I am going to give it a go and see it it makes any difference for me.  Hopefully being able to check off some stuff easily will make me at least check my to do list more often.  Which in theory would cause me to get more done as I am being reminded more often. 

With this in mind when I was out yesterday I picked up a three pack of adorable little 'purse' notebooks for my budding new organization project.  ($2.99 at Target)  So here goes nothing, I am already off to a good start, blog about to do lists...check. 


  1. I have no idea what I'd do without my planner, so--needless to say--I love to-do lists! I think listing things you already know you'll do is a great idea. I hope it works for you!

  2. For years my life revolved around my lists. It is a very good idea to put things on the list that make you happy, and it is also good to write things done you did that weren't on the list just so you can check them off. Makes you feel ever so much more productive!

    These days, I make a grocery list and that is about it. Sometimes I get my list journal out and write a few notes, but otherwise, life is slow and easy and if it gets done I'm happy and if it doesn't-- I'm still happy! :D


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