The Cephalopod Coffeehouse: Meeting Two

So this month I actually went out and bought a book from the thrift shop by my work on my lunch.  I ended up with another collaboration, 'The Wrecker' which is written by Clive Cussler and Justin Scott. 

I read my first Clive Cussler book (Atlantis Found) on a trip to the cottage when Ace was a baby and he quickly made it to my favourite authors list.  His books are like Lays, you really can't have just one.  He writes the "Dirk Pitt' novels as well as 'The NUMA Files'.  Dirk Pitt is one of my biggest fictional character "crushes" in fact I would go as far as to say if I had to choose just one fictional (book) character to moon over for the rest of my life it would be Dirk Pitt.

Back to this book though, 'The Wrecker' follows a detective from the Van Dorn Detective Agency as he races to find a saboteur on the Southern Pacific Railway before he succeeds in bringing to it's knees.  It is a well written action adventure novel that would make a great movie or at least a mini series.

I think my favorite part was the unique weapon that the antagonist carried, it was a great detail.  Especially when they went into detail about it's weaknesses. 

I definitely think it is an enjoyable book for anyone to read, in fact I have already passed it along to my mom to read. 

 I can't make the linky list come up when I publish (not tech savvy) so, in order to check out what my fellow bloggers have read this month hop over to The Armchair Squid where the list lives.  I highly recommend it, they all read awesome stuff.  (my to read list just keeps getting longer)


  1. I feel like a jerk! I forgot to put the linky list on my blog. (doh ...)

    Thanks for your review. I've never read any Cussler though I've known a few die-hard fans. One of the marks of an excellent book is the amount of hands it passes! Let's see if your mom passes it on to anyone else.

  2. Sounds like fun! I like your Lays comparison. It's funny how that happens with some authors. For me, it was John Irving.

    Speaking of Irving and your crush on Dirk Pitt, I fell in love with a book character once: Franny in Irving's Hotel New Hampshire. I stayed up way too late reading that book one night because I had to know what happened to her.

  3. Can't say I've ever really had a "literary crush". I think I've read one Clive Cussler book in my time and I can't even say if I liked it or not it's been so long ago. I should give him another try and see if I would like him. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love Cussler's Pitt novels...even when they got a little too....I'm not sure of the word I want, but when Cussler himself kept popping up in the books....

    I've not read his other stuff yet...


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