The Month So Far

This month kind of got away from me pretty quickly.  I had all these inspired plans and mostly I just continued to feel crappy and fight against that.  As I am sure you noticed the Photo Challenge was a pretty big fail.  Yup, and I can't even say it was because me and photography are not friends.  It was just one thing too many for the time. 

On the plus side I am finally, for real, feeling better.  I am still dead exhausted but now it is because I am in a dead race to get everything done for Cat's birthday on Friday not because I feel like I am dying. 

I have some pretty interesting crafts that will be posted over the next few weeks that I got up to in prep for Miss Cat's birthday.  She asked for a Maplelea doll for her birthday so to go with her new friend I 'spruced up' an Ikea doll bed.  As well there is her requested cake which was a project and a half and of course the loot bags, which at least I think are super cool. 

Another bright spot this month was getting matched up with my pen pal from the International Geek Girls Pen Pals Club.  She is super awesome and we have already exchanged more e-mails than can be counted along with postcards and letters. 

Also, now that I am feeling better I have started my training for The Weekend to End Women's Cancers in September.  I have gotten in two training walks so far, an 8k and a 13k both a long way from the daily goal in September and I felt horrible afterwards but it is only the end of May, so it's a start.

Well, that's you all caught up.  There will be lots more posting in June, interesting things to come. 


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