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The Cephalopod Coffeehouse: Meeting One

Last month during the A - Z Challenge I wondered my way into joining a blogger's book club over at The Armchair Squid .  I have never belonged to a book club before, mostly because between the kids and work and classes and stuff I don't have armloads of time to show up for meetings and talk to people.  Which is why this is awesome because as anyone who has ever been in my house can attest to, I love books! For the first month we got to just pick a book and that was super exciting as I have a whole shelf of unread books in my hallway of books.  This was my chance, but the question was which one did I want to read most?  In the end I choose "Good Omens' which is a collaboration between Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.  (now if that doesn't make you want to read a book what would?) Now, I am a big (HUGE) fan of both of the above mention authors so the fact that I have owned this book for I don't know how long and haven't read it is actually a shock to m

The Month So Far

This month kind of got away from me pretty quickly.  I had all these inspired plans and mostly I just continued to feel crappy and fight against that.  As I am sure you noticed the Photo Challenge was a pretty big fail.  Yup, and I can't even say it was because me and photography are not friends.  It was just one thing too many for the time.  On the plus side I am finally, for real, feeling better.  I am still dead exhausted but now it is because I am in a dead race to get everything done for Cat's birthday on Friday not because I feel like I am dying.  I have some pretty interesting crafts that will be posted over the next few weeks that I got up to in prep for Miss Cat's birthday.  She asked for a Maplelea doll for her birthday so to go with her new friend I 'spruced up' an Ikea doll bed.  As well there is her requested cake which was a project and a half and of course the loot bags, which at least I think are super cool.  Another bright spot this month was

Best/Worst Movie Remake Blogfest

I thought long and hard about what movies to write about for this blog fest.  The worst one was easy for me, the best one came a lot harder, I mean it took a lot of soul searching before I could come up with a remake I even liked.  And then I had to debate whether or not it could even really be called a remake.  I voted yes because otherwise I wouldn't have a best remake, just a slightly less worse remake and also because I really love the movie.  Plus it does tell the same story so...  Anyways, on to my choices and I will you judge for yourself.  My vote for worst movie remake ever goes to The Parent Trap.  I loved the original movie, it was fun and cute, so (for some strange reason) I thought that I would like the new one when it came out.  Boy oh boy was I wrong.  I mean ok, they changed the story up so it was a little bit interesting but it kind of made me gag a bit in spots.  (a lot)  I don't know, it just didn't do it for me at all.   Now as for

30 Day Photo Challenge Day Two: Your View

So, the topic (is that the right word for it?) for day two of the photo challenge is your view.  I picked the view I look at most often.  It's the view from my desk, which I look at for almost 50 hours a week.  Charming isn't it? I took a bonus picture today as well as my neighbor's yard is blooming and it is a lovely view. 

May The 4th Be With You

To honor my love of Star Wars, much to Ace's delight, I made up some of these adorable Darth Vader hair clips.  I'm thinking next some Stormtroopers so I can wear one and one. 

A To Z Challenge Reflections 2013

So I made it out alive but barely, really I kind of limped out the end.  I was a day late finishing overall and I am in no means proud of my last few posts but I finished.  I think all in all for being sick and just winging it I feel good about how I did with it. I found some awesome blogs to follow this year.  While I didn't make it to many in the last week I made it to a good number in the first few weeks and way more than I did last year.  I still need to work on my commenting as sometimes I just don't know what to write.  (sometimes I just don't know what to blog either so I guess that makes sense) I am already looking forward to next year, especially since I already have a theme, almost all my topics and a couple of posts written.  Now quick, everyone cross their fingers that I don't get sick. 

Z is for Zamboni

This last post is in honor of the Leafs making the playoffs for the first time in forever.  (Go Leafs Go!)  Zamboni is a brand name for an ice resurfacing machine.  They drive around the ice and put down a thin layer of water which then freezes and makes the ice smooth again.  Neat huh?  Now I always thought that they were melting the ice until I looked it up.  You learn something new every day! When I was looking through my son's cars for the Zambonis to get a picture I was hoping to find the Leafs one but I didn't.    

Y is for Yoga Booty Ballet

As I was saying in my W post, Yoga Booty Ballet is one of my favorite workouts.  I find Gillian and Teigh to be entertaining and easy to follow along with.  (unlike a lot of workout videos I have collecting dust on my shelves)  Also the workouts are challenging and fun at the same time. I also find the workouts very calming.  Lots of stretching and breathing with gentle cardio.  Probably what I will start up with when I am allowed to exercise again.