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As you may have noticed I kind of took a bit of a nose dive on the A-Z Challenge.  At this point I was debating whether to power through and finish it no more than a day late or to just quit.  I decided to fill you all in on what happened to put me behind, and then buckle down and finish.  I probably will still finish it off a day behind, but I will finish. 

Last week I took Ace to the doctor to follow up on some tests that he had done and while I was there I mentioned casually to the doctor (our family doctor) that I was still having a fair bit of pain around my incision sites.  (I still can't sleep on one side because the pressure kills me)  Anyhow, the doctor was concern there may be something wrong, so he prescribed me some antibiotics which have pretty much knocked me on my rear end.

I am also being sent for further testing.  (sound fun or what?)  That's why the drop off in posts, it has pretty much taken all the energy I have left to get through my days.  I feel awful.  It's a real case of the cure being worse than the problem.

However, I am going to try my best to knock out some real sweet posts between now and I hope Wednesday and finish off the last of my A to Z posts.  Because I would feel horrible if I didn't finish.  I can't promise that they will be my greatest posts ever but I am going to try my best.


  1. I'm sorry to hear you've not been well and appreciate you posting the message to let us know you are ok. I'm sure the test results will be fine, try not to worry and don't worry at all about the challenge, you have done great getting as far as you did. Just do little posts for the remaining letters :)


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