M is for Motherhood

This morning on my way to work I read this post from a YMC blogger and it got the wheels turning in my little brain.  First of all, why are people so mean to each other?  And second, the vast number of times I have want to set the feral little animals kids who call me mom at the end of the driveway with free to good home signs round their necks.

The truth is though, in the moment, when there are a bottle full of snails loose in your apartment and sliming their way over everything while your son sleeps. (no lid, he thought they would stay in on the honor system)  Yes, I wanted to put him and the snails out to sleep in the yard.  After much, much yelling.  But it's a little bit funny no? 

I have to admit it, then it wasn't, but now my reaction when I picked up his school bag and discovered it was writhing with snails....freaking hilarious.  The fact that he honestly thought they would stay in the bottle, adorable. 

The little one, she pushes every button she can.  The first time I want to at the very least send her to Daddy's for a few weeks was the I'm going to paint my own nails incident.  (also known as the I would like to look like a zombie movie extra incident)  She had red nail polish all over herself and all over the bathroom.  And if your didn't all ready know, red nail polish will stain your skin, so she had red skin for days.

Or the time she was playing with the dials in the fridge and turned the freezer down all the way, only I didn't notice until all the food had thawed.  An entire freezer full of food had to be thrown out, and I was naturally upset.  A large part of me wanted to sell the little angel.  But we survived through it and every tantrum and bit of drama. 

Because that's what motherhood is about, loving and supporting your kids through it all.  Concussions, broken bones, hospital visits and illnesses.  The crazy things they do and the crazy things they want to to that you forbid.  The fights that begin with "But all my friends are doing it"  and end with them telling you that they hate you.  But that's ok, because you know in the end that you stuck to your values, and one day they will understand.  Because you did.



  1. Well, bless your frazzled little heart. Sounds like you've got more than your hands full. As one of eight kids, I connected with all you wrote. As kids we have no clue -- nor do we want one. It's all about "me". So happy they haven't been yard-saled yet. Hang in there. Delightful post.
    Your fellow A to Z Challenger. Cheers.

  2. Oh the joys of motherhood/parenthood!! Best rewarding job I've had and will ever have though!!

    Hip-hip hooray for us mommies!!

  3. If I had a dime for everytime I heard that "my friends are doing it", I could go on a nice trip :)

    A to Z Ninja Minion


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