K is for KerPlunk

So, I am a day late with this post.  *sad face*  I feel really bad "K" was eluding me yesterday until after board game and wine night.  And trust me you didn't want me writing a blog post after that.  (although, who knows alcohol consumption may improve my rambling)

KerPlunk was one of my favorite games as a child. (I like noisy stuff)  It consists of a hollow plastic tube, colored straws and marbles.  Basically the straws fit through the middle of the tube in a layered web and you pile the marbles on top of that.  Players take turns pulling the straws out and hoping that the marbles don't drop.  The player that dropped the least marbles at the end of the game wins.

Super fun! 

I have fallen in love with playing games again.  What are your favorites?  


  1. I remember KerPlunk! and there was another one, with marbles; there were a bunch of rings, with little tracks in them. All the marbles started on the top track and players took turns turning the tracks to get them to line up so the marbles would fall to the bottom. Something like that anyway--it was fun!

    Fun post!

    Shelly, A to Z

  2. I used to love kerplunk, oh the memories. My fave games were operation and cluedo. I actually bought game of life the other day and made my hubby play it with me!

  3. I wanted kerplunk, but only cause I wanted the marbles!!! The only game I really like is Trivial Pursuit.


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