G is for Gender

Okay, so I don't know what it is with me and the letter G but there is something about it that make me want to get on my soapbox.  Please note anything said from here on out is my opinion, if you are easily offended you may want to stop reading now, as this may be considered well offensive.

Something that really bothers me as a mother is how society in general spends all this time marketing things as girl toys or boy toys, marketing genres as girls or boys etc.  Mostly cause it's crap.  But more than that I'm kind of tired of how everyone always fights the girls side of it.  What about all the little boys out there????

I mean I have no worries about my daughter whatsoever, I feel sorry for the person who says anything to her about her Captain America action figure, cause the child has more attitude than she knows what to do with.  But my son?  He keeps to himself about his less than "masculine" toys and I notice that they stay in the closet when he's not playing with them.  (even though they were the must have on the Christmas list)

It rocks that little girls can play police officer and fire fighter or knight or whatever the hell they want and there's alway someone to stick up for them should someone say they shouldn't.  But what about those little boys that want to play Easy Bake Oven or with Jewelry Design Kits, or learn to crochet?  Who stands up for them?
Who teaches them that it's okay, be proud, heck...some of those things enforce major life skills like cooking.  Or garment construction.

Just my thoughts on the subject, since I am learning that as your kids get older what mommy thinks is not quite enough.  

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  1. This makes sense. Poor boys. Even as they grow up the "stigma" is still there. I mean, if women wear outfits for men, it's not an issue, but if men wear something feminine? Good luck to them.

    From the A-Z neighborhood,
    D(ee) is for Deecoded

  2. Thanks, I have boys and as a homeschool family we have tried a lot of different kinds of activities. There's nothing wrong with a boy, who can cook or sew or who likes to draw or create music more than to play foot ball.

    Margot at A Devotional Mosaic and Spark My Creativity

  3. I know what you mean, there is nothing wrong with boys playing with what is considered to be girls toys. I think as you get older, it becomes less of an issue, there are so many successful males who are chefs, play instruments, fashion designers etc

  4. When my cousin Brian and I were little kids I got soooo jealous of him one Christmas because HE got the easy bake oven and I didn't. hah! I still pick on him to this day but he doesn't mind ;)

    I taught my younger brother how to crochet and he took to it quick. So quick that he had himself a snow cap in a week and couldn't have been more proud of himself!

    I was stopping by via the challenge. Really like what you have going on here so I gave ya a follow! Take care!


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