A is for Appendicitis

Acute appendicitis to be exact, which is what it says on my hospital discharge forms as the reason I got to drop off the face of the planet and spend five days in the hospital.  SUPER FUN.  It's also the reason I drop my challenge theme as I only had some of the posts written and the ones I didn't at least required some research and my brain is still 90% ouch my tummy hurts.

They don't really know what exactly what the appendix is for, while I was looking around at stuff for this post I saw the general theory that is does nothing.  I also read that it may be used to house excess good bacteria to flush through your system when you need it. (which makes more sense to me than having a useless body part)

Anyhow, appendicitis is when your appendix becomes inflamed and you need to have it surgically removed.  (Ouch!)  According to my research, (which consisted of Google and a bunch of stories people wanted to tell me about themselves or family members) people statistically suffer from appendicitis attacks most between 10 and 30.  Today is my 32 birthday, I had my a week yesterday.  (I just never could be a statistic)

I couldn't get the symptoms right either, I didn't get a fever till RIGHT before they took me into surgery and at that point I had already been at the hospital for 12 hours.  Just a really, really bad pain in my side.  

So now my A post is out there, and we know why I dropped my theme this year.  (cause my brain is still a little foggy)  I look forward to the Challenge.  Happy A-Z Everyone!

Picture of a stuffed appendix, because really? Why does this even exist?


  1. My flared up for a short time last year, but then stopped. Don't know why.

    Dropping by from A to Z. This is my first year. So exciting.

    Brett Minor
    Transformed Nonconformist

  2. Oh, dear! A stuffed appendix? Too cute! I have never had appendicitis, but my sister had her useless body part removed at 60, so I guess it is never too late for this sort of thing. Hope you feel better soon and make it through to Z while healing.
    Happy "B" Day!

  3. LOL The stuffed appendix has a cute smile, at any rate! I just randomly dropped by, clicking on the A to Z challenge list. I am so sorry to hear about your surgery. What a bummer. This is my first year with the challenge, and I chuckled at your comment about not having your posts ready. "What? You are supposed to do them in advance?" was my first reaction. Well, to be honest, I do have quite a few done... not enough, though!
    Heal well and I look foreword to reading more of your entries - even if they are not thematic.

  4. I love the stuffed diseases toys. They have STDs and a lot of other fun things you never want to really have but don't look so bad as a cute fuzzy toy. Good luck with your recovery!

    A friend of mine who is also doing this challenge had most of hers prepared ahead of time. I thought about doing that with my stories but I decided to try to do the challenges at least close to the day they're supposed to appear. If I get some free time on Sunday I might do a few in advance.

  5. Glad you had that taken care of. It can become very serious. Every year one or two students in our school will need that surgery so I guess they fall in the age range.

  6. Hope you're feeling better soon


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