Reading Challenge Book Review: Anna Karenina

This book took me a lot longer to finish than I anticipated, months in fact.  I just couldn't get into it at first, Tolstoy's constant changing of how he was referring to his characters really threw me for a loop and made it hard for me to follow along. 

I was determined to finish though and I am glad I did, once I got past the politics I found several story lines that are very easy to relate to for just about anybody.   There is a spiritual journey, several love stories, and at the end of the book, at least for me an ah ha moment.

Not just the feeling that I had finished it and achieved something but also that I had learned something about myself along the way.  Which is not always something you can say about books these days. 


  1. I never read the book, but I saw the 40's movie version. I didn't much care for the characters of Anna and the guy who put the moves on her--I was cheering on the husband all the way. I found this to be a rather unmoving story. Maybe the book expressed things better.

    Tossing It Out

    1. Out of all the character in the book I found them the least interesting, but the book doesn't focus on them as much as the title suggests.

  2. I haven't attempted this one yet. But it's funny, because I was just speaking to someone who was wanting to read Russian literature, and had enjoyed a summer reading books along this line, but hadn't gotten to this one and still wanted to.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

    1. I'm glad it was on my list, otherwise I might never have gotten around to it.


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