A Scarf for Ace

For Christmas this year I thought since my children just have so many toys, books, and other stuff we would try and go a different route.  They were surprisingly receptive to this idea when I put it to them (I think it was mostly dislike of cleaning their room) and very enthusiastic for a simple Christmas.

One of the first projects I took on was to make them each a scarf.  For Ace's I used Red Heart's Team Spirit Yarn (which came out this year) in red and blue.  I the way this scarf turned out with the asymmetrical stripes.  Kind of reminds me of Lego in the way it looks like they are snapped together.

I really think he will like it.  (at least I hope)


  1. Very cool. And, you're right - - it does look like it's made of Legos!! Love it!

  2. I would LOVE to know how to make scarves.. I'm so jealous!

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