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Of all the things I have ever been into crafting jewelry has never been very high on my list, just the thought of working with all those tiny little bits made me break into a cold sweat.  Then I bought this adorable little bracelet and earring set from a lady last year and I thought well stuff like this has got to be pretty easy.

So I bought some beads and some elastic cord to make bracelets and they dissolved into the pit of craft supplies never to be seen again.  Then over the summer when the kids and I were at Buskerfest I found this lady who made these gorgeous (and I do mean gorgeous) beaded bracelets and anklets with little bells on them. 

The funny thing about that was about a month before I had comment to a friend that I had wanted to find one for Cat after I saw a patient's daughter wearing a pretty gold one.  Cat (like her Mom) is obsessed with shiny things.  Anyhow, long story short, we both got beautiful jingly new anklets and I had a wonderful conversation with the lady that made them.

She had so much fire and enthusiasm for what she did that it made me look at beading and jewelry making in a whole new light.  It's wonderful to be inspired by someone who loves doing what they do.  Me, I love being crafty in general.  It's fun to make pretty stuff. 

So, I made these adorable earrings, I think I am going to give them to my sister for Christmas.  My first jewelry project, but definetly not my last. 


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