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A Bracelet For Cat

My second foray into jewelry making came at Miss Cat's request, I have a black and silver bracelet made of bead of varying sizes that she is always asking to wear that does not fit her.  So in typical craft addict fashion I went and picked up some beads in various colors (I only had tiny ones at home, honest) She sorted through the tiny packages with a devotion that made me proud.  Seriously, I love that kid I will miss it when she no longer sports the stuff I make with pride.  (I can hope that it never comes to that right? Ace hasn't hit that point yet) Anyways, she picked out these large purple beads, medium pink ones, and tiny green to purple beads.  I really loved making it for her, even though I dumped all the beads off when I was tying it and had to start all over.  (that sucked) Did I mention she has the smallest wrist ever?

Look What I Made

Of all the things I have ever been into crafting jewelry has never been very high on my list, just the thought of working with all those tiny little bits made me break into a cold sweat.  Then I bought this adorable little bracelet and earring set from a lady last year and I thought well stuff like this has got to be pretty easy. So I bought some beads and some elastic cord to make bracelets and they dissolved into the pit of craft supplies never to be seen again.  Then over the summer when the kids and I were at Buskerfest I found this lady who made these gorgeous (and I do mean gorgeous) beaded bracelets and anklets with little bells on them.  The funny thing about that was about a month before I had comment to a friend that I had wanted to find one for Cat after I saw a patient's daughter wearing a pretty gold one.  Cat (like her Mom) is obsessed with shiny things.  Anyhow, long story short, we both got beautiful jingly new anklets and I had a wonderful conversation with t

The Nineties

So here it is my list of my favorite things from the 1990's.  Enjoy! The movie Mermaids was released, this may be one of my most loved movies of the nineties. Starring Cher and Winona Ryder it has a great cast and it actually deals with issues which a lot of movies today don't.     My favorite thing from 1991 was the release of Nirvana's Nevermind.  This album continues to be one of my staples for listening to and without it so much of the music I know and love today just wouldn't exist.   So, being Canadian and all my 1992 is naturally devoted to the Toronto Blue Jays winning the World Series.  This was a huge deal being that there were so many firsts involved in it, first world series game played outside the United States, first non American team to win the world series.  Then they did it again.  GO JAYS GO!  Seriously, living in Toronto in the early '90's you would have thought people around here liked baseball or something

Nineties Blogfest

How could I not join something that awesome?  Especially since it A)  has a super awesome graphic: B) Only involves one day worth of blogging (I know I have been a little lax in that department lately, if it makes you feel any more loved I have like twelve blog posts written that just need pictures added to them) and C) lets me tell you all my favorite things about the 1990's.  I love the Nineties, I was in high school in the mid-nineties so this is a time that has imprinted itself very deeply on my life.  *claps hands* Plus this will be my first Blogfest so that in and of itself is rather exciting.  Woo hoo.  So look for my post on October 15 detailing my favorite things from each year of the nineties.  And if you would like to join in on the fun check out The Nineties Blogfest at Dave Wrote This.