The Final Three Episodes of Pond Life

First off all, Asylum of The Daleks airs today!!!! YAY!! Almost takes the sting out of having to work on the long weekend.  I don't feel the jumping up and down excitement I have going into previous Series but I am anticipating it just the same.

Now on to Pond Life:

The whole Ood in the loo thing was a bit absurd and even after watching it a couple of times I'm not sure if it was absurd in a good way or a bad way.    I love saying it though, "Ood in the loo." It's like saying "Dinosaurs on a spaceship."  or "Snakes on a plane."  Not really productive but it sounds awesome.

Part four of Pond Life just makes me want my very own Ood.  It could make my coffee and do my laundry.  Le sigh.  I would be nice to him or her (do Oods have sexual designation?) 

Part Five of Pond Life was a bit creepy to me.  Also, poor Rory.  Why does something bad need to happen to Rory?  (yes, we don't know that but it is implied)  I love Rory!  <sad face>  Why can't we just have Odds making coffee for everybody?  That would be awesome?  Although the Doctor with his umbrella looks adorable no?

On to the Daleks this evening.

Exterminate!  Exterminate!  Exterminate!


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