New Doctor Who Series 7 Trailer: Warning This Way Be Spoilers

If you are a Doctor Who fan then you know that the new Series 7 Trailer launched this morning.  Now, anything I have to say about this can only be considered a spoiler if you (like my son, who wants to be surprised) have not (will not) watched said trailer.  With that being said I recommend that you not read any further or do so at your own risk. 

So, I have not been highly anticipating Series 7, even though 90% of my favorite Doctor Who episodes have been Moffat episodes since he took over the helm I just haven't felt it.  It took all over Series 5 for me to warm up to Eleven.  (like until the Christmas Special and then I had to watch it all over again with a better attitude) 

Still, I watched this trailer this morning right away (well as soon as I dropped the kids off as Ace did not want to be involved) and let me tell you it did what any good trailer does.  I AM NOW DYING FOR  SERIES 7 TO START!

Why you ask?  First of all dinosaurs on a spaceship, um awesome.  Then, is that a Triceratops?  Yes, yes it is!  Who killed all the Daleks?  Who do you think?  I love when Eleven gets all bad ass like, it makes me almost love him.  (he has his moments)

Seriously, they were riding a flipping Triceratops!  I am actually excited to see this, not buying new shoes excited but still pretty damn excited.  I am thinking I might have to have to hold a little season premiere party or something.  (no comments on that one, you know who you are)  I found an awesome Dalek cake tutorial I want to try out and what better excuse? 


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