Liebster Blog Award

So, I received this Liebster Blog Award from Teresa at Memes and Fiction.  And I am rather stoked about it as it is my first blog award.  (happy dance)  The rules are easy enough, I have to answer 11 either/or questions and then Tag 11 Bloggers with less than 200 followers and ask them 11 quick questions thus passing the award along to them. 

I figured I could do that so here goes: 
1) Would you rather have your child's high school guidance counselor be Paula Abdul or Simon Cowell?   Simon Cowell.

2) Would you rather have to keep your keys permanently attached to a hoop earring or have to always wear your socks on the outside of your shoes?   Socks on outside of shoes. 

3) Would you rather remove your two front teeth with a bottle opener or pierce your ears, nose and navel with a hole punch?   Pierce my ears, nose and navel with a hole punch.

4)Would you rather be able to cool coffee to a drinkable level with merely one blow or be able to miraculously neatly consume sloppy joes?  Oh, definitely coffee.  I can't remember the last time I ate a sloppy joe but I consume enough coffee to kill a small dinosaur soo...

5) Would you rather live in a world without TV or without your cousins?   No TV, my cousins are awesome. 

6) Would you rather eat 200 slices of American cheese or 2000 raisins?   2000 raisins. 

7) Would you rather have a lake named after you or have a popular children's multivitamin shaped in your image?   I would rather have a lake named after me.  (it would be awesome and filled with piranha)

8) Would you rather have the mind of William Shakespeare and the body of William Taft, or the mind of Albert Einstein and the body of Fat Albert?   As a writer I would rather have the mind of Shakespeare.  (brilliant after all)

9) Would you rather never receive another piece of email spam or learn that all the spam you receive is actually 100% true?  NO MORE SPAM!!!

10) Would you rather walk like an 80 year old or a 2 year old?   I already pretty much walk like a 2 year old most of the time so I will stick with that. 

11) Would you rather have Swiffers for feet or Venetian-blind style eyelids?   Swiffers for feet, everything would be so clean. 

Okay, now I was going to tag eleven people to pass this along to, I really was but here's the thing, of the blogs I follow and the ones that follow me I couldn't exactly find eleven blogs with less than two hundred followers.  And I wasn't exactly about to start going up to strange blogs going "Hey, you don't know me, I don't know you here's this random thing!"  Although that would have been a great way to make new friends I am sure.   

Instead I am just going to write out my eleven questions and if you feel you read my super awesome blog and feel like answering them then by all means snag the award and answer the questions.  (because seriously if you read my blog you deserve an award for that)

The Questions:

1) Star Wars or Star Trek?

2) Coke or Pepsi?

3) Invisibility or Super-strength?

4) Would you rather be a T-Rex or a Triceratops?

5) If you could only have one weapon to face the Zombie Apocalypse with would you rather have a pea shooter or a potato launcher?

6) Store-bought or handmade?

7) Avengers or Justice League?

8) Books or an E-reader?

9) Summer or Winter?

10) Video games or board games?

11) Heels or Flats?

As you can tell I am not prone to following the rules but I love this sort of stuff.  If you do answer these questions please comment and let me know, I would love to know your answers!



  1. 1. Star Wars
    2. Coke (cherry coke)
    3. Invisibility.... That'd be awesome
    4. Triceratops
    5. Potato launcher!
    6. Handmade..... Usually much better.... Usually
    7. Avengers..... Hello Thor
    8. E reader
    9. Summer.... I don't like the cold
    10. Board games
    11. Flats.... Can't walk in heels. :(


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