Revisting Old Favorites

The other day, while taking a quick break from work, I decided to browse through the book section of the local thrift store.  As always I had my eye out for books off my current (insane) reading challenge but instead I found an absolute treasure.  A pristine copy of one of my all time favorite fantasy books, which lead me to do a little dance as my current copy is being held together by an elastic band and has been retired from my bookshelf due to being "over loved."

The book in question, Chirstopher Stasheff's 'Her Majesty's Wizard', is everything as a reader I want in a book and everything I strive for as a writer.  It has believable characters, they are flawed and human with personal issues they have to overcome before the larger journey can be completed. 

It's a light hearted book with a brilliant balance between good and evil (and a dragon, I love dragons and this one is AWESOME!)  I am one of those horrible readers (especially in fantasy) who is usually sadly disappointed in something about how the book is written, how the characters are developed, how the big bad turns out but not in this book and I love that.  (there are many others that don't disappoint too)


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