Breaking a Bad Habit

At this point in my life I can honestly say I have broken most of the bad habits I had that I thought were bad for me (or so I thought).  I quit smoking, I gave up the fast food addiction, etc.  Now my vices are pretty limited shoes, coffee, craft supplies and there is no way I am giving them up.  (I should probably give up the coffee, some days I vibrate but...)

Anyhow, I have noticed lately that due to some nasty turns of the universal wheel of fortune I have given way to a very bad habit that I have got to kick.  Negative thinking.  I am spending way too much time these days looking at my life from a negative point of view and that is making me have a much harder time of things.

So I have picked something that I want, in this case I found an online course in dressmaking in a style I like, (I am thinking like Jessica Rabbit but it's a bit more Marilyn Monroe ish)  and for every day that I notice that I am drowning myself in negative thinking and turn my perspective around I am going to put a dollar into a jar towards this course. 

Given that they say it takes 30 days to break a bad habit and the course costs $40 I am optimistic about my chances of turning my thinking around towards  the positive.  Plus I get to decorate a new jar as all my piggy banks are currently in use.  And I LOVE to raid my craft stash!

PS.  If anyone knows where I can get sparkly, red fabric to make a dress with that won't break the bank feel free to fill me in.  (I am not kicking the stash addiction after all) 


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