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Things I Learn Watching Late Night TV

A few months ago, during a nasty battle with insomnia, I became addicted to The Late, Late Show.  Seriously addicted.  As in I now PVR it so I can watch it.  (yup, I am that crazy about it)  Really it's because he has a TARDIS on his desk, how can you not love someone who has a TARDIS on their desk?  (or a dinosaur)  Anyways, I have learned many interesting things watching this show (other than there is no useful reason for me to have a PVR) most of which will serve me absolutly no purpose in life.  (like most of my knowledge, Grade 10 math for example)  I have learned that some of my favorite celebraties have no fashion sense what so ever (which would be disappointing if I cared) but most of them manage to wear awesome shoes. I have learned that some of the actors that bore the crap out of me are actually interesting people (at least in short doses) and that some that I found interesting bore that crap out of me.  I have learned that they sell weird and awesome things in Scott

Breaking a Bad Habit

At this point in my life I can honestly say I have broken most of the bad habits I had that I thought were bad for me (or so I thought).  I quit smoking, I gave up the fast food addiction, etc.  Now my vices are pretty limited shoes, coffee, craft supplies and there is no way I am giving them up.  (I should probably give up the coffee, some days I vibrate but...) Anyhow, I have noticed lately that due to some nasty turns of the universal wheel of fortune I have given way to a very bad habit that I have got to kick.  Negative thinking.  I am spending way too much time these days looking at my life from a negative point of view and that is making me have a much harder time of things. So I have picked something that I want, in this case I found an online course in dressmaking in a style I like, (I am thinking like Jessica Rabbit but it's a bit more Marilyn Monroe ish)  and for every day that I notice that I am drowning myself in negative thinking and turn my perspective around I am

Revisting Old Favorites

The other day, while taking a quick break from work, I decided to browse through the book section of the local thrift store.  As always I had my eye out for books off my current (insane) reading challenge but instead I found an absolute treasure.  A pristine copy of one of my all time favorite fantasy books, which lead me to do a little dance as my current copy is being held together by an elastic band and has been retired from my bookshelf due to being "over loved." The book in question, Chirstopher Stasheff's 'Her Majesty's Wizard', is everything as a reader I want in a book and everything I strive for as a writer.  It has believable characters, they are flawed and human with personal issues they have to overcome before the larger journey can be completed.  It's a light hearted book with a brilliant balance between good and evil (and a dragon, I love dragons and this one is AWESOME!)  I am one of those horrible readers (especially in fantasy) who

When I Grow Up

As the school year draws to a close for my son and he shows his growing pride in his new found command of French and various other skills he has learn since since September I find myself reflecting more and more over my own childhood days. Unlike my son, who has a very strong command of and even stronger interest in science and math, I leaned heavily towards English and writing.  Even at so early an age as he is now my imagination was awash with a million ideas dying to spring forth and create their own little world.   I was often accused of daydreaming and not paying attention (okay, so I wasn't paying attention) and I longed for the day when I could be a grown up and spend my days writing and let my characters tell their stories.  Sadly, I then grew up and realized life isn't that easy.  With the birth of the previously mentioned beautiful little boy my writing got pushed to the side as reality of life as a working mother hit.  Now I am learning to write from a new pros

Judged By Your Shoes?

Naturally, being the shoe addict that I am, I was all over this article from The Huffington Post about being able to judge a woman by her shoes.  I was more than a little eager to see what my standby favorite pair (a strappy pair of black sandals with a 5 1/2" stacked heel) said about me.  Or these: Recently purchased, only worn once but already they've wormed their way into my heart.  (I mean, come on they are gorgeous right?)  There's a good possibility that being judged on either pair of these shoes (or most of the shoes I prefer to wear) that most people would probably judge me as a calm, extrovert. Truth be told I am neither of these things, but a rocking pair of heels makes me feel like I can be or anything else I want to be.  I just don't feel the same in flats, no matter how cute they are. 

Creative Inspiration

Lately life has been doing a lot to get in the way of the flow of my creative juices, I am sure you have probably noticed from my major MIAness (that should totally be a word) in the past month.   It's been a little bit depressing to say the least. Anyhow, the other day I got a text from a friend that provided a jolt of creative inspiration.  (Who knew?  I mean, probably other than him.  He is useful like that.  It's probably why we are friends.  Other than the fact that he encourages my shoe addiction.  I will happily be friends with anyone that does that.)  Er, back to my point I think. He sent me this link  which deals with taking the things in life that don't go your way (which tends to happen more often than not) and turning it into something positive.  Which is something that I think every artist does, whether they be a writer, painter, designer, singer, etc.  Otherwise we drown in the pain that life piles on us.  I thank my friend for the gentle kick in the rea