Why Can't People Mind Their Own Business?

Cat and I made a trip to Wal-Mart this afternoon and it was actually fairly pleasant, no meltdowns not too many additional requests from the monkey.  (okay, she conned me into some $2.00 cat fabric but really, not a big deal)

Then we got to the cash and Cat oh so proudly put up her yogurt drink and her fabric which the cashier put in a bag with 5 other yogurt drinks and some other fabric.  She put my other stuff through and put in in another bag.  Cat went to the end of the separated the bag and said "Here Mommy, this one's yours."  Taking the one with her stuff in it and walking off.

Some "concerned" citizen decided to speak up and tell me that I can't let that poor baby carry that heavy bag.  WTF?  You want to argue with my almost three year old and tell her she can't carry a bag she is't struggling with?  Because I don't.  Why?  Because that's stupid.  Really stupid.  And what makes it your business anyways? 

How is the kid going to learn independence if I tell her she can't do a simple thing like carry a bag? 

Does she look like she is struggling?


  1. Some people are just stupid.

  2. At about Cats age I would try to carry the milk home when we did groceries. My parents thought it was funny that I'd always try to carry that and encouraged it as I needed to learn. Nice picture


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