S is for Shoes

Okay, so here is my confession...shoes have got to be one of if not the biggest addiction I have.  It's horrible.  I own sooo many pairs of shoes.  And I can easily justify buying a new pair, I don't even break a sweat any more. 

Boots and sandals are my biggest weaknesses.  High heels of course (the higher the better) I actually feel uncomfortable in flats.  Not to mention short.  I always know something is off with me when I don't feel like shoe shopping.  That is my internal gauge. 

Some pictures from my current shoe wish list:

All of the shoes pictured above are from Sinister Soles which is an online shoe store.  I don't get quite the same thrill from buying shoes online (but that doesn't stop me) 


  1. LOL ah yes the shoes...Good job I wonder what you'll do with the letter V.

  2. Sinister Soles is like a crack addiction to me . . . . and they even have them in my size. sigh!

  3. Hold on a second, is this Imelda Marcos posing as Melissa Ann?

    I never knew how many women loved to shoe shop until I took my sabbatical here in the Philippines. I was at a mall a couple of weeks ago and counted 22 shoe stores on one level. It is utterly amazing!

    If you open my fiance's collection you need to be careful because a gazillion shoes will be there like a pirate's loot.


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