N is for Nothing

Really, that's about how much inspiration I have for this letter.  I brainstormed it; ninja, nine, Narnia, nymph, nympho (okay so that one was kind of interesting) but I couldn't come up with anything that struck a chord with me that I wanted to write about. 

I'm not really feeling the writing in general today, I also have an assignment that I am supposed to be working on that I am getting nowhere with.  So in the interest of at least having a semi interesting post here are some of my favorite things that begin when the letter N:

Naps, well really who doesn't love naps.  All warm and snuggled up under my favorite blanket, with my teddy bear.  (I could go for one right now)

Nova Scotia, it's the province I was born in. It's awesome.  You should go there. 

Naked moles rats, well mostly just animated ones, like in Kim Possible.  Because they are cool.  Plus how fun is it to say naked mole rat?

No Doubt, because they were cool and right now my head feels like it is full of Spiderwebs. 


  1. Kim Possible RULES!! - Princess xo

  2. kim possible's kirsten storms used to be on days of our lives. huge crush.

  3. We all have those days! Nice recovery on the letter N. Your honesty about the lack of inspiration with N was comforting. I've definitely had my tough letters too! Good luck with the rest of the challenge and I wish you lots of inspiration!


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