L is for ?

L was much harder for me than I anticipated, partially because I kept having to overcome the urge to write about linoleum:

But mostly because most of the L words that came to mind were fairly sad and hard for me to deal with let alone write about.  Like loss, loneliness, or love.  In fact when I was done thinking about the letter L this morning I wanted to go back to bed and hide under my covers and cry for a while, maybe sleep straight through to M (I like M).

Then I remembered that I am a writer and as I writer I like to look up asinine words when I come across them and store them away from later use.  So in the spirit of that habit I present for your consideration:

 (Just so you all know I was really tempted there to say "I present for the consideration of the Midnight Society"  Does anyone remember that show?  It was awesome! Anyways...)

L is for Lycanthrope 

A Lycanthrope is a werewolf.  The term comes from the Greek words 'lykos' meaning wolf and 'anthropos' meaning human.  There are some that use the term Lycanthrope to refer to any human to animal shape shifter but Therianthrope is a more accurate term for them.

There are many, many, many myths and legends surrounding lycanthropy and how it is passed on, how a Lycanthrope shifts, whether or not they remember, if they have control and hence it is a writer's field day. 


  1. What's wrong with linoleum??

    1. Nothing, except for my lack of knowledge about it.

  2. Lycanthropy is such a cool word... too bad you weren't playing Scrabble... that's gotta be a ton of points...

    Dave the Goof

    1. I was thinking of the Scrabble and Word with Friends aspect of the word as well. Cool post topic.

    2. Not surprisingly not many people will play Scrabble with me, I spent a lot of time in detention in school and they used to make you copy the dictionary. (I hope they don't do that still cause I will strangle my son if he gets any mouthier)


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