H is for Hockey!

I almost feel like this post is a bit predictable, a post on hockey coming from a Canadian girl.  To be honest we were brainstorming ideas I couldn't really come up with anything for H and was going to go with Hello Kitty.  (please don't laugh too much)  Then I got my birthday present:

Taken by Ace (took a few shots to get my head)
 After I sat around in my oh so comfy hockey jersey for a while I pondered the last game I watched (we lost) and thought I don't watch enough hockey anymore.  Which is a great realization in April when you're a Leafs fan.   Really though between my work schedule and life in general I only caught a couple of games this year and they weren't spectacular by any means.

Than that guilt started to sink in, you, that guilt that any true fan of any team feels when they haven't been watching and their team hasn't done well.  Maybe if I had watched more?  Maybe they would have won?  

Meanwhile, Blue Jays Tickets aren't that expensive...


  1. I dig hockey quite a bit and love to steal my hubby's Canucks jersey because it's so comfy.

    New follower.

    My A-Z

    1. Hockey jerseys are very comfortable. I have a vast collection of Leafs jerseys.

      Welcome, I love new followers. :D

  2. Ah, hockey. The spice of northern life. I understand; I'm from Minnesota.

    Good luck with the challenge!

    Dianna Fielding


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