F is for Fantasy

As that is the type of stories I like to write.  About princesses and dragons, angels and demons, vampires and gods.  Same reality, parallel universe or completely different world this is my favorite way to write.  I'm not saying I am necessarily any good at it mind you but there is something about tackling the forces of good and evil that appeals to me as writer. 

I have an old fashion love of a story of the fight between good and evil where you truly know who the forces are and who you are routing for.  It's something that I find is a lot harder to find these days as the lines get blurred between good and evil.  

That being said I am not saying that all vampires or witches or demons need to be evil nor all princess or angels or gods good just that if an author sets their lines that person A is the good guy and person B is the bad guy for 90% of the story and then they switch it and they don't have some sort of cataclysmic event in order to make this switch plausible then it doesn't work for me.  (for something that does work see Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series no one can make a bad guy good like he can)

Hmm, not sure how this started turning into a rant.  Look a dragon: 

My favorite princess (even though she's not from a book)


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