D is for Doctor

D is for Doctor, as in Doctor Who.  I was out for my birthday on Sunday with my friend Mike and I asked him for some ideas for the challenge.  When I asked "D" he bopped me on the head with the notebook he carries to take notes for his blog and said "Duh, D is for Dalek"


I grinned at him (in his 10th Doctor jacket and TARDIS blue tie) and laughed a bit "Or Doctor?  Why didn't I think of that?"  Which is a really good question why didn't I think of the Doctor?  If you've been here before you know he's been brought up once or twice (and yes Mike is the one I am making the endlessly tedious scarf that I have not work on in a week and should not have brought up since he is probably reading this) so this post should have been an easy one for me.

My first Doctor Who episode was The Library, so Ten was my first Doctor and yet as much as I love him and I do so much, he is not my favorite....Nine is.  I think it's the ears.  Well, not really but there is a progression in the character between Nine and Ten.  I love them both so much, just in different ways.

Then there is Eleven...I am slowly growing to love him.  I watched all of series 5 with a sort of detachment unable to connect with the new Doctor (I think it was Amy)  and then I watched the Christmas special and I thought he was brilliant in it so I went back and watched it all over again and actually gave him a chance this time and I saw all those moments where he was brilliant like at the end of the Eleventh hour. 

Nine and Rose




  1. I love Dr Who! David was my favourite - I am still not entirely sure about Matthew (I think that is his name) aka 11.

    Hope you had a greath birthday by the way!


  2. Why didn't I think of The Doctor!?! Great choice!! My favorite is by far number 10. I agree number 11 is slowly growing on me. I love River and she helped me along in loving him.

    PS I have a large Dalek full of bubble bath sitting my bathroom. :-) I offer it as proof I am a fellow fan.

    1. I accept your Dalak bubble bath as proof (and am totally jealous). If we had to pick and obsession in the house it would probably be Doctor Who, even the kids love it. Cat has been know to watch the same episode three or four times in a row. :D

  3. We love The Doctor at our house. We've just started our daughter on the ninth Doctor episodes. I have to admit that I can't stand Rose. I'm a big Amelia Pond fan, though. Sad that she's leaving soon. :(

    1. I miss Donna myself. I do love River though. Amy has her moments, like Eleven she is growing on me.

  4. I feel the same way you do. I really liked Nine and wish had one more season although I love 10 and have grown to like 11 as well.

  5. I love all the doctors, but I think ten is my favorite. Mostly because I fell in love with David Tenant when I heard his real accent. That and he was awesome in the Christmas Special.

  6. So, I'm going to sound like a total wuss here but, as a child of the 70s (eep) growing up in Britain, Doctor Who was a key part of every Saturday - it came on just after the sport programme and the football (soccer, I guess) results which my dad watched all afternoon. He really loved Doctor Who.
    Me? Meh, not so much. In fact, it scared the hell out of me. And I've never watched it since. If I had to choose a "favourite" Doctor, I think it would have to be Tom Baker - to be fair, I only really ever remember him and Peter Davidson (the one immediately after Tom Baker).
    Good post, though, even if I'm not Whovian...

  7. I love Doctor Who! Numbers nine and ten are equal favorites for me. Number eleven is still rather hard to love. Now why didn't I think of Doctor for Day 4 of the Challenge?

  8. I'm a dinosaur who has seen ALL the Doctors...Nine has been my least favorite, Ten is great as far as sexy goes, but Eleven is everything that The Doctor should be--alien, geeky, and super smart in a lost and confused sort of way! :)


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