Conversations with my kid, Topic: Zombies

So, one of my favorite ways to hurry Ace up when he is walking like a snail is to chase after (it really is more like amble) muttering "Braaains!" in my best zombie voice.  This elicits peals of giggles from his sister as he runs away from me screaming "Snap out of it!" 

After I finally relented this morning we had a conversation that went like this:

Me: "I want new children, you guys are no fun."

Ace: (panting like he has been running from real zombies)  "You could always eat your own brain."

Me: "Cannibalism?  That's no fun either."

Ace: "Zombies do it all the time.  I've seen it."

Me: "Eh...."

Zombie baby chewing on his own foot. 

Ace: "I invented a game at school called Zombie tag."

Me: "Do you chase each other for brains?"

Ace: "NO!  Zombies shuffle Mom!"

(I was almost proud of the exasperated tone in his voice because he is right, they don't run)

Cat: "Braaaains."

Ace: "If you are it you have to catch someone and say 'Nom..nom..nom' and then they are it."

Me: (After a moment of silently contemplating how awesome that sounded) "It would be more fun if you ambled after them saying braaains and then do this."  At which point I grabbed his arm and pretended to suck out his brain with my other hand to the amusement of both my immensely weird children.

Ace: "Great idea Mom!"

I am hoping he was being sarcastic because if he actually went to school and tried that I can just imagine the phone call I am going to get tomorrow.  <cringes>   He doesn't understand that not everyone's parents are as insane weird as his mom yet. 

Cutest Zombie baby ever


  1. Ok - this sounds far too much like my house!
    If you have an Android phone you need to download the app Zombie Run. You plot in your starting and ending point, go for a walk and you have to avoid the zombie invasion as you go running around, hiding, ducking behind buildings etc.
    Some one gave me a magnet yesterday that says "Zombies hate FAST food"

    1. Oo, I do have a Droid, I will download this on the way home, it sounds interesting. Thank you!

  2. Hahaha Love this, although the zombie baby pics totally creep me out. And I totally want to play Zombie tag. What is the cutoff age?

    BTW, if you want new kids, read my post tomorrow;)

    Brains! Brains! Tag your it! Nom nom nom nom...


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