Stupid Things People Do

I hate inconsiderate people.  Especially on public transit, buses get crowded, people get cranky.  Nothing bothers me more than some jacka** that won't get up for an elderly person, or a pregnant woman.  Or a small child.  Or some idiot who has their backpack on a crowded bus and refuses to take it off.  Argh!!

Except this!!

I know the picture is sideways (still haven't mastered my cell camera) but this twit has got her stroller taking up most of the bus aisle.  Now, I have a toddler, I use a stroller on public transit all the time but out of courtesy for my fellow riders I take her out of it and fold it up whenever possible.  Failing that I keep her tucked out of the way.  IT'S NOT HARD PEOPLE!!!!

It's like moving to the back of the bus, just do it, it's polite and guess what...usually there's seats back there cause there is a bunch of useless idiots standing at the front.

That's my rant for today.  Back to your regularly scheduled programing tomorrow.


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