Project Two: Super Quick Hair Tie

 I haven't been feeling so great, so that combined with work, and the kids has lead me to get behind on my ever so lofty goal of a craft a day for March.  Lucky for me I have no problem with doing more than one craft project a day to get to thirty-one by March 31.  Here for your pleasure is project two for craft month a crochet hair tie from my own imagination.

This is my first attempt at writing a pattern for someone else to interpret so if it makes no sense please let me know as I have a few others in the works and they are a bit more complicated. 

A small amount of worsted weight yarn
Size G hook (4.00mm)
Elastic Band


sc- single crochet
sl st- slip stitch
sk- skip
dc- double crochet

RD1: 39sc in elastic join with sl st
RD2: 1DC in same st, ch 8, sk st, *(1dc in next st ch 8 sk st)18 times, ch 8 join with sl st to top of first dc


  1. That's so super cute! I've tried to knit a scarf before but never did real well. Some just rock at crafts, you're one of them.

    1. Thanks. <3 I don't really like knitting either, if it's not small enough to do in one sitting and I can't convert it into crochet it goes into the maybe one day when I have the patience pile. :-) I just can't make my hands work that way. -_-


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