My Jello Shot Recipe

Since the first time I tried them, a party at my best friend's house back in the days before children and responsibility and all those things that I have now that I muddle my way through and am occasionally good at, I have been in love with Jello Shots.  They are defiantly a  staple at every party and get together I throw and over years of research and trial and error I have concocted my own fool proof method of making them the way I like them.

Now I know people who like to experiment and make fancy flavor concoctions Martha Stewart style but I am partial to plain old jello and vodka.  I am rather old fashioned I guess.

Hot water

Measuring Cup
Candy Cups

Whenever I am using hot water I like to use a glass measuring cup.
I am just partial to metal mixing bowls, love them.
I find some flavors of Jello work better than others Cherry and Orange are always good, Lemon not so much.
The first steps are actually kind of clear, Jello in bowl add hot water according to package directions.
Mix with whisk to dissolve powder.
Then comes the vodka (which you are using in place of the cold water), I wouldn't use an overly expensive vodka for this.
I only use 3/4 cup, any more and it becomes overpowering.
Again whisk to ensure things are thoroughly mixed.
Lay your candy cups out on a cookie sheet or tray.  (You could use plastic shot glasses sprayed with cooking spray instead but trust me candy cups are so much easier)
Fill ladle.
Use ladle to fill candy cups.
When tray is full place into fridge to set.  Enjoy!

P.S.  I have tried the Tequila and lime jello Martha style and while it does not taste like the promised Margarita it is not terrible and it is pretty potent.  

P.P.S.  Many thanks go to Debbie for introducing me to these. 


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