Life Sucks and Other Often Repeated Lessons

Sometimes move through life so fast that we take the people close to us for granted.  They pass through our minds and we think that we should call them, maybe set up a time to see them and often as fast as we think it, it is gone again.  Lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  It's often not until something tragic happens that we are reminded of what is truly important in life.

I like to take a great deal of pride in being one of those people who takes pleasure in the small things in life.  A well made cup of coffee, the joy of jumping in a puddle, snuggling with my kids in the morning, a purring cat.  However, it was driven home very sharply for me over the last few weeks that I sometimes miss the most important thing of all, my family. 

A week ago, my cousin passed away.  I was explaining it to Ace and he summed it up in a way that I thought really fit.  He said "Mom, sometimes life sucks."  It occurs to me that I was about 7 when I figured that out too.

My cousin Kenita, was one of the sweetest, kindest people I know.  We grew up together and I have a million memories over the last 3o years of time spent together.  But I also feel saddened by the time not spent together, and I will miss her always.

I am just thankful that I took the time the last time I talked to her to tell her that I loved her, it lightens my heart to know that that's the last thing I said to her.  Because I do and I always will and she should know that. 

My cousin Cass, Kenita and Myself

Kenita, Cass, Me


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