Craft Month Project 5: Ribbon Belt

Today we were going to a party and once Cat got dressed I thought she could use a belt to go with her jumper.  Since she was wearing black and red she picked out the cherry bows to wear.  I thought vaguely that I had some of that ribbon left somewhere so I went digging through my ribbon stash.

Sure enough after about twenty minutes I found it, (if any one would like to come organize my ribbon stash I will pay you in cookies er bows) I also located some belt hardware which was a definite plus.
The outfit in question


7/8's ribbon (3" more than waist measurement)
1.5" webbing (4" more than waist measurement)
2 2" D Rings
1 1.5" belt tip
liquid stitch
needle and thread that matches your ribbon
pliers to close belt tip

Measure your ribbon and webbing, since Cat's waist measures 21" I used 24" of ribbon and 25" of webbing.

Apply Liquid Stitch to the back of your ribbon from edge to edge along the entire length.

Center in middle of webbing and press down removing all air bubbles.  
Leave a one inch gap at one end.  (this is where you are going to sew your D rings)  Allow Liquid Stitch to dry before moving on to next step. 

Place belt tip on the end where the ribbon is flush and use flat end pliers to tighten into place. 
Fold webbing over D-rings and sew into place securely, I went back and forth three times. 

Finished product.
Cat wearing her belt.

The matching bows. 


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