Valentine's Day

So today is not my favorite holiday, and it's not because I'm single.  It and I have some bad history.  I am not however, one of those people who begrudge people who do enjoy it.  (my children for example) 

So because I watch a ridiculous amout of Treehouse (thanks Cat) I am going to take my cue from them and call this friendship and caring day.  Taking today and this post to thank the people in my life for being there and telling them how much I love them.

Now don't get me wrong, I am pretty sure most of these people know this.  I am pretty good about randomly telling them things like that.  Or something like that. 

So to my children...there are no words to describe the love I feel for you.  I am so proud of both of you, and the best (and worst) thing I ever did was teach you how to think for yourselves.  There is never a dull moment with the two of you around. 

To my oldest, bestest friends, what is there to say?  We don't talk as much as we should but you guys are in my heart and there is not a day I don't think about either of you.  You have been through it all with me and there isn't much in this world I wouldn't do for you.  I am happier because you guys are happy. 

To my family thank you for teaching me that I am strong and for letting me know that always, always I am loved.  I am forever blessed to have such a large, loving group of people in my life.
To my co-workers, we spend enough time together that we may as well be family.  Some of you drive me almost as nuts as my children do, but I couldn't get through my days without you.  When life is at it's roughest I know you guys are always there to make the day a little lighter.

To my friends, thank you for being there always.  For knowing that you will sit there a thousand hours in silence until I am ready to talk about whatever it is that I dragged you there to talk about.  For always knowing what to say or do to make me laugh.  For understanding that even though I will always show up to support you I know absolutely nothing about football, beer or about a thousand other things that you guys are deeply passionate about.  (and most of the stuff you tell me does not stick in my head)  For encouraging my passions, telling me I'm talented and most importantly for always believing in me...even when I don't. 

Also for encouraging the shoe buying demon that lives on my shoulder.

All of you get a big thanks for and lots of love for reading my blog.  <3  <3 <3

Last but not least...for my Valentine:


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