The Scarf (Part Two)

Okay, so I knew that this project was going to take a long time, but I really thought for some reason that I would have it done by the middle of February.  <insert hysterical fit of laughter here>  Yeah right.

To begin with it is done all in single crochet 65 stitches across and 822 rows, 142 of which I have completed so far.  It is very monotonous and that makes it really hard for me to stay focused on.  I seem to have the attention span of a two year old who has been feed a bag of chocolate covered espresso beans.  (I would never do that nor do I condone it)

I love this scarf, it is beautiful and I want to finish it.  Hell, I already want to make another one.  But...I also have a huge list of notes about what I am going to do differently next time to hopefully make it go a little quicker.  Assuming I finishing this one.  <nervous laugh>

Which I will...eventually, I am just hoping it's not in June or something.  I mean that would work cause then it could be a birthday present.  Except who needs a scarf in June?  Even a super awesome Doctor Who scarf. 

The revised plan is to (hopefully) have it finished sometime in the middle of March.  I am thinking that the kids and I will have a Doctor Who marathon this weekend and I will work on it while watching my favorite episodes. 


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