My Chocolate Fortunes....

It's Wednesday, and I am having one of those smash your head against the wall type of days.  It started with yet another war with Cat to wear her winter clothing, I may have won this time.  I put her jacket on backwards.  Sure, she screamed bloody murder all the way to daycare...but she didn't take her jacket off.
I followed that up by getting caught up in traffic and arriving at working late and coffeeless.  Not my favorite way to start the day, it leaves me feeling very edgy.  So I brewed myself a large cup of Awake tea and raided the office chocolate stash. 
Now, being a migraine sufferer there is a large list of foods I cannot eat without risk of headache.  At the top of that list (as in guaranteed, everytime) is hazelnuts.  Which makes me sad because I love them, especially in chocolate.  So, every now and then, usually when I already have a headache, or like today when my day has already gone to pot, I indulge. 
These particular chocolates came with little fortunes or rather quoted words of wisdom I thought I would share.
"The truth of friendship is as sacred to me as the sanctity of lifelong marriage." -K. Mansfield
"To get the full value if joy you must have someone to share it with." -M. Twain
"Love all, trust few, do wrong to none." -W. Shakespeare
"The night is silent, and in it's silence, dreams are hidden." -K. Gibran
"Love is sudden revelation, a kiss is always a discovery." -Anon
"Real friendship can be enjoyed in silence." -Anon
That last one is my favorite, I count myself lucky to have more than one friend who falls into that category.  <3


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