Conversations with my kid...

When we got of the bus this morning for the walk in to daycare the air was rich with the smell of skunk.  Not the best thing to encounter at 7am.  Ace however was immediately enthralled.

"Do you think it's a dead skunk or just a scared one?"  He asks, trying to balance the snowpants he refused to wear and walk backwards so he could see me. 

"Probably roadkill."  My knowledge of skunks isn't huge but I do know that they are mostly nocturnal animals and the smell is crazy strong.

"Do you think if you were driving and you were about to hit a porcupine and it shot quills at your tire you would get a flat tire?"

"Huh?" (left field seriously)

"Do you think if.."

"I heard you buddy, I just thought we were talking about skunks."

"I saw a dead porcupine once on the road.  By the McDonald's where we had my birthday party."

"Oh, I don't think a porcupine quill could penetrate a tire." 

"What if it shot four in the same spot?" 

At this point I am wondering why I don't have coffee before I leave my house in the morning.  I own a coffee maker, it is a gorgeous machine.  Programmable and everything, but no silly me always waits to get to work. 

"I don't know buddy.  Maybe we could look it up when we get home."  (that is why my 7 year old knows weird stuff because this is my go to answer when he asks weird questions.  Ask him about the water cycle sometime)

"Do you think it would roll like in that video game?"

"Are you talking about Sonic?  Cause buddy...he's a hedgehog."


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