Bailey's Cat Toy


So, last year my friend adopted this super adorable cat, (cutest kitty ever) and just fell completely in love with her.  How could I not?  Look at her, she is just a big ball of fluff and love.

I came across this pattern on the hunt for a crochet cat to make for Cat (hmm, say that a few times and try not to feel nuts) who is naturally obsessed with cats.  (sitting on my lap write now meowing at Bailey's picture as I type).  I decided it was too small for her but that it would make a perfect toy for Bailey. 

I had some green scraps from a previous project stashed away and I thought this would be a great way to use it up.  It worked up fairly quickly (took me forever to sew it together for her) and I am very happy with it. 

I think I am going to make up some more of them, it just came out so cute. 


  1. That's a hilarious picture of Bailey. The caption makes it really funny. Verte , Bailey's toy lives under to couch where Bailey spends alot of time and I have seen here nuzzling the little green animal. She and I thank you for making her a fine companion.

    1. I love that you named her toy, that is adorable. I feel that a pet (like a child) can not have too many toys. As long as they don't live in my house. ;)


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