Things People Read On The Bus

I take public transit to work and these days, with a no end in sight strike going on, it is a very long commute, much of it spent standing.  I take a great deal of interest in what other people are doing to pass the time when I am standing because I, like every other human being on the planet, am nosy.

I especially love to know what other people are reading, I devour books with a great passion and am always on the lookout for something new to read.  So, it naturally catches my eye when someone on the bus is deeply engrossed in a book.  Last week I happened to be standing over someone who was reading very intently and I was a a good angle, so I read along for a a page or so (terribly rude I know).  I enjoyed the style of writing so I interrupted and asked about the book.   

The book was "Circus of the Damned" and in his opinion worth reading if you liked vampire novels.   As I am a fan (and had nothing to read) I looked it up when I got to work.  Sadly, he did not mention the "Circus of the Damned" is the third book of the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series by Laurell K.  Hamilton so I do not yet know if it is worth reading.  I have however made it through the first book. 

I have to say, at first I didn't know if I would, there were a few moments at the start where I couldn't quite fall into it.  But when I did I fell hard, it went very quickly.  I almost felt sad when the book was over.

The characters are easy to identify with, there is just enough violence to satisfy those that enjoy that sort of thing.  Most importantly, the defining characteristic of the first novel a long series at the end of the book I really did want to know what happen to Anita next.  The major plot line for this book is wrapped up bu the there are enough underlying stories that continue and are interesting to make you want to keep reading.

So, my opinion?  If you are a BtVS type vampire fan, like zombies and a not too heavy read give the book a try. 

I'm already a few chapters into the second one myself.  :D


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