The Scarf Part One

There are few people who know me who wouldn't agree that when I enjoy doing something I am almost obsessive about it.  And as my immense yarn stash can attest to crochet is no exception.  I taught myself from a kids book.
While I was home on maternity leave with Catherine.  It quickly progressed to being one of my favorite things to do if I needed to relax and unwind.  Plus I can make pretty stuff. 

Now the particular scarf in question came onto my project list just before Christmas, I was making up these adorable Ruffle scarves for a few friends and another friend asked me to make him a scarf.  As it happens, I have no real idea what it is that guys like when it comes to crochet scarves so I said yeah, okay pick some yarn and I will make you one.

It didn't come up again and it half floated in the back of my mind for a while as I went about other things and as I, like most other craft addicts, collected patterns for things to "one day" make.  I looked for a scarf.  Then I found I found it, and not just any scarf, the perfect scarf.  One that would be symbolic of our friendship.

See, all relationships have a starting point and I believe our friendship may have began with him asking my opinion on a certain show.  So when I came across a site converting the knitting pattern for the 4th Doctor's infamous scarf to crochet I couldn't not make. 

So far it is a work in progress.  Knit it is said to be an 80 hour project.  I am doing it in single crochet, on a 3.75mm hook.  It is approximately 12 inches wide. 



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