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The Scarf Part One

There are few people who know me who wouldn't agree that when I enjoy doing something I am almost obsessive about it.  And as my immense yarn stash can attest to crochet is no exception.  I taught myself from a kids book. While I was home on maternity leave with Catherine.  It quickly progressed to being one of my favorite things to do if I needed to relax and unwind.  Plus I can make pretty stuff.  Now the particular scarf in question came onto my project list just before Christmas, I was making up these adorable Ruffle scarves for a few friends and another friend asked me to make him a scarf.  As it happens, I have no real idea what it is that guys like when it comes to crochet scarves so I said yeah, okay pick some yarn and I will make you one. It didn't come up again and it half floated in the back of my mind for a while as I went about other things and as I, like most other craft addicts, collected patterns for things to "one day" make.  I looked for a scarf

Things People Read On The Bus

I take public transit to work and these days, with a no end in sight strike going on, it is a very long commute, much of it spent standing.  I take a great deal of interest in what other people are doing to pass the time when I am standing because I, like every other human being on the planet, am nosy. I especially love to know what other people are reading, I devour books with a great passion and am always on the lookout for something new to read.  So, it naturally catches my eye when someone on the bus is deeply engrossed in a book.  Last week I happened to be standing over someone who was reading very intently and I was a a good angle, so I read along for a a page or so (terribly rude I know).  I enjoyed the style of writing so I interrupted and asked about the book.    The book was "Circus of the Damned" and in his opinion worth reading if you liked vampire novels.   As I am a fan (and had nothing to read) I looked it up when I got to work.  Sadly, he did not mention

Rated "R" For Random

I have a lot of ideas for things to blog about; craft tutorials, random parenting rants, recipes, writing, poetry etc.  But one thing I could never settle on was how to go about introducing myself to my audience (assuming anyone ever reads it).  It's something I struggle with a great deal as a writer, I can tell a very complex story, with wonderfully formed characters but the beginning is agonizing for me. No time like the present however to take the plunge and put it out there I have decided.  The ideas, the photos, they are all piling up and really...if everyone else can do it why can't I.  Even if nobody reads it at least I will feel the accomplishment of having done it. As for the actually introducing myself part: Hi, my name is Melissa.  I am an avid writer, reader, sewer, crocheter, sometimes knitter, occasional any other craft you can think of er.  I am a mom to two cute and mischievous children.  Cat, 2.5 and Ace, who will be 7 in about an hour and a half. So welc